Bathroom renovation
DIY Dilemma

Contractor vs. DIY in Bathroom Transformation

The main goal of this project was to create a modern bathroom that suited the client’s taste. Their current bathroom felt dated, and the client had several ideas for changes during the renovation process. This client was torn between hiring a contractor or taking on this project themselves, but they quickly realized that this renovation would be a larger-scale project than they initially thought.

The Perfect Fit

Selecting the Right Bathtub

This client was particularly concerned about replacing their old, large soaking tub and wanted to ensure that the new tub fit well with the overall design and layout of the bathroom. Our team found the perfect bathtub for the space, considering the client’s tastes, the area where the bathtub would go, and the aesthetics of the new bathroom design.

The project seemed a little bit too big for us to undertake on our own, plus with our busy lives we never would have been able to get it done.

Progress Unveiled

Tracking Transformation through BuilderTrend

This client expressed great joy and satisfaction with the final result of their bathroom renovation. They loved being able to see progress being made both in person and using our online portal, BuilderTrend. By following daily logs, clients can watch their vision come to life. Their new modern bathroom has beautiful tiling and stunning blue cabinets that suit the client’s taste perfectly.