Basement Entry Screened Porch Addition
Under-Deck Transformation

Crafting the Perfect Screen Porch

This client had always wanted a screen porch, and after inheriting her mother’s porch furniture, she finally found a reason to start this project. She contacted us at Actuate Improvement, and we determined that the best location for this screen porch would be underneath their deck and connected to their basement.

From Water Management to Style

Creating a Functional and Stylish Screen Porch

Throughout the project, this client loved our suggestions, such as the printed cement we used for the flooring on their porch. Our team ensured the porch design was aesthetically pleasing and functional, including redirecting water from the deck into a drain pipe.

I was very happy with all of the Actuate staff. They were incredibly friendly, and they communicated very well.

Final Result

Expanding Horizons: Beyond the Porch

This client was incredibly pleased with the outcome of their screen porch. They found they use their backyard more often now that their porch is level with the ground, giving them easy access to their yard.

They were so satisfied with this project that they called us again to discuss replacing the drop ceiling in their basement. Within a week, we could provide them with a quote and get started on this second project. Once again, they were pleased with the final result, expressing that our team’s initiative helped them fulfill their vision for their space.