Transforming a Blank Canvas

Family Visits Inspire Stunning Basement Remodel

After this client had several family members visit from out of state, it was a no-brainer that the unfinished basement in her home needed a remodel. The house itself was brand new, but the basement was empty. With a blank canvas, our team could design and frame the entire space exactly how the client wanted it.

A Seamless Integration

Remodeling a Basement to Blend with the Rest of the Home

This client’s main concern was ensuring that the finished basement matched the rest of her home and looked as if it was completed during the initial build of the house. Our team perfectly matched the basement’s color scheme, aesthetic, and overall design with the rest of the home’s interior.

They made it so easy for me. I told them what I wanted and it was exactly what I was talking about.

From Empty to Inviting

Actuate Improvement’s Basement Masterpiece

This client expressed that the team here at Actuate Improvement was professional, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. The finished basement is now a multifunctional space with a living area, bedroom, walk-in closet, storage area, and full bathroom.