Maximizing Space


This client sought a kitchen update to enhance usability within their limited space. Struggling with insufficient storage and counter space, they wished to address and correct several imperfections scattered throughout the area. Despite the kitchen’s small size, they intended to fully maximize and efficiently utilize every available space.

Client-Centric Renovation

Your Vision, Our Transparency

During this transformative kitchen renovation, the client felt informed and connected to the project. Our team prioritized transparency and collaboration with this project, ensuring we fulfilled the client’s vision for their space. We encouraged and welcomed the client’s feedback each step of the way, incorporating their suggestions to make their dream kitchen come alive.

With Actuate, we were able to just uncover a whole other space that we didn’t think was possible to use.

Small Space, Big Impact

A Kitchen Transformed for Functionality

This kitchen renovation proves that any space can be transformed into a functional and well-utilized room. With extra cabinets and countertops, this kitchen can now operate at its full potential. The client expressed great satisfaction with the result and is grateful that they chose to work with Actuate Improvement.