How to Measure Home Windows


Window Fundamentals: Window replacements can and will save you money. Collecting the proper measurements will ensure accuracy on both the fit and installation of the windows. After receiving the rough numbers from you, Actuate will follow up on exact measurements prior to ordering.

Full Frame: Looking for full frame windows? With full frame windows you are likely to keep the existing glass size, or even make it bigger. If you’re looking for the most energy savings, doing a full frame replacement with an experienced installer will have the biggest impact. When installing full frame windows, every part will be replaced, including the vapor barriers, insulation and the spacing. Your new full frame windows will give you all the comfort & style you want!

Insert Replacement: Want to save money now? Insert window replacements will save you time and money. Typically, using the existing window frame will speed up the time and materials needed for your window replacements. Insert replacement windows will allow you to rest easy knowing we are able to quickly and easily install safe and usable windows for your home!

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