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Actuate Improvement is a growing remodeling company that specializes in creating and producing high end kitchens and bathrooms. We are wanting to expand our team by adding experienced carpenters. We are looking for energetic, reliable, detail-minded, positive individuals to complement our team!

Lead Carpenters

Actuate Improvement is looking to hire lead carpenters. The lead carpenter should ensure that company and customer satisfaction is through, professional and polite with all communications. On a daily basis, inform the Project Manager/Field Foreman of the process of the project, including customer concerns, problems or delays, etc. Have the ability to attend all company/client meetings approved by the Project Manager. Have the ability to verify and confirm materials to maintain an efficient schedule. Supervise the activities of the field carpenters and/or independent contractors, which include oral and written communication as needed. Be responsible for the efficient and profitable use of company time, manpower and materials on each project assigned. Continue to ensure that the image of the company is supported by the appearance and activities of the installation teams and job sites. Ability to maintain an operational inventory of necessary tools, safety equipment, field equipment and vehicles to perform specific activities assigned by the Project Manager. Seek additional responsibilities and guidance from company management as needed to enhance existing skills, learn new skills, and create potential for advancement within the company.

Benefits for this position include health insurance, Dental and Vision. Actuate Improvement offers 401k match along with paid holidays and vacation (PTO). Not to mention being a part of a top notch team that will always have your back. Come work for a company that not only cares about the quality of work provided, but the quality of its staff as well.

In this job you should know how to explain what you are doing at any given time to help other carpenters understand how they need to succeed. Installing walls, floors and ceilings using materials such as wood, steel, metal, plastics and composites and learning as you go are just some of the exciting options you are confronted with each day. This person should be able to assemble and fasten materials using hand tools, wood screws, nails and/or glue. In this position you will show the ability to cut materials accurately without help, follow direction from the project manager without difficulty, work well with other team members assigned to specific projects and lead by example.

Applicants should have the following attributes, goals, and skills:

• Professional and friendly. We work with customers and vendors whom we like and respect, and our carpenters need to support these positive relationships.
• Promote Actuate’s reputation at every level, in every relationship.
• Possess refined carpentry skills and an eye for detail.
• Provide a quality experience and finished product that exceeds our clients’ expectations.
• Understand rough and finish carpentry methods and techniques.
• Have strong organizational and communication skills.
• Proficient skills communicating with smartphones, especially using our company’s web program.
• The ability to take direction from other team members.
• Support, assist, and interact well with all project team members.
• The ability to creatively solve problems and be flexible in challenging situations.

Wage is based on experience level.

Benefits include paid vacation, holiday pay, and health insurance.

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Ever wanted to work for a company that looks after their employees? Do you enjoy working and fixing residential construction issues? Actuate Services is here for you. We are looking for a person, company or duo that wants to take on side projects. Our ideal candidate is a jack of all trades (construction, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.), and is knowledgeable in at least two trades.

Projects can range from fixing drywall, installing replacement doors, HVAC adjustments or replacing a sink faucet. Jobs will be scheduled by half day slots and compensation will be a flat rate based on this half day (5 hours) schedule. Some jobs can be completed in that time and other jobs may take a full day. These service jobs will always vary and due to the high demand in service, we are looking to hire you! Are you interested in joining our team? Call today to set up an interview!

Wage is based on experience level.

Benefits include paid vacation, holiday pay, and health insurance.

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